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WITH CAPTAIN (INCLUDED) Aventura 37 DC rental Villeneuve-Loubet
from 3.000/day
Villeneuve-Loubet (Marina Baie des Anges)
  • 10.9 m
  • 1 day min.
  • 28 Guests
  • Catamaran Rental
from 1.950/day
Saint-Laurent-du-Var (Port de Saint-Laurent-du-Var)
  • 11.58 m
  • 1 day min.
  • 9 Guests
  • Motorboat Rental
Karel V160 rental
from 300/day
Nice (Port de Saint-Laurent-du-Var), France
  • 4.8 m
  • 2 hours min.
  • 6 Guests
  • Boat rental without a license
Charter Luxury Yacht SUNRAYS french riviera
from 164.500/day
  • 85.5 m
  • 7 days min.
  • 12 Guests
  • Luxury Yacht Rental
Charter Luxury Yacht PROJECT X french riviera
from 171.500/day
  • 88 m
  • 7 day min.
  • 12 Guests
  • Luxury Yacht Rental
Charter Luxury Yacht LAUREL french riviera
from 75.000/day
  • 73.2 m
  • 7 days min.
  • 12 Guests
  • Luxury Yacht Rental
Charter Luxury Yacht WHEELS french riviera
from 112.900/day
  • 75.5 m
  • 7 days min.
  • 12 Guests
  • Luxury Yacht Rental
Charter Luxury Yacht PLANET NINE french riviera
from 92.900/day
  • 73.20 m
  • 7 days min.
  • 12 Guests
  • Luxury Yacht Rental
Charter Luxury Yacht AMARYLLIS french riviera
from 110.000/day
  • 78.44 m
  • 7 days min.
  • 12 Guests
  • Luxury Yacht Rental
Charter Luxury Yacht NAUTILUS french riviera
from 107.000/day
  • 73 m
  • 7 days min.
  • 12 Guests
  • Luxury Yacht Rental
Charter Luxury Yacht NAIA french riviera
from 85.000/day
French Riviera
  • 73.60 m
  • 7 days min.
  • 12 Guests
  • Luxury Yacht Rental
Charter Luxury Yacht BOLD french riviera
from 125.000/day
French Riviera
  • 85.3 m
  • 7 days min.
  • 12 Guests
  • Luxury Yacht Rental
WITH CAPTAIN (INCLUDED) yacht Sea Ray 375 rental
from 1.000/day
  • 11.26 m
  • half day min.
  • 7 Guests
  • Motorboat Rental, Yacht Rental

Rent a private yacht and boat in Nice

Nice is a real pearl of the French Riviera. It attracts with its azure banks and charming views. There's nothing better than booking a Yacht Charter French Riviera to explore all the beauty on your own. We offer complete flexibility in planning your journey. Simply select a yacht and a date, and our experienced team will handle everything else.

Our best private boat rental in Nice is an opportunity to enjoy luxury and impeccable quality of service. Feel like a real star on deck. Get an exclusive experience as a traveler, discovering completely new dimensions. A sea voyage is always breathtaking and gives a real sense of adventure. From the simplest to the most luxurious, we will help you choose a yacht for a trip that suits your budget, starting from one day.

Nice Boat Charter: Top Routes

Fans of unique holidays will definitely enjoy boat rentals in Nice, France. This is the best service for relaxing with your family or friends. Throwing a bright party or a quiet romantic dinner becomes quite possible with our service. Many tourists celebrate unique routes and share their unforgettable impressions. Making your holiday bright is now not as tricky as you might think.

We offer you the following unique routes for traveling on a yacht:

  • Choose the Nice to Monaco by boat route. Admire the luxurious Principality during your trip. Visit the most famous casino and oceanographic museum. Leave your daily worries behind as you explore the picturesque streets. Organize an actual holiday for yourself.
  • Embark on a journey from Nice to St Tropez by boat. Enjoy the glamour and nightlife, visit the famous beach, and indulge in a luxurious sunset dinner with your significant other.
  • Opt for a unique Nice to Cannes by boat journey. Stroll along the most famous Croisette and admire the views. Relax on the beach with beautiful views and visit cozy establishments.
  • Enjoy a Nice to Antibes by boat trip with your loved ones. Discover something new and get to know the local seascapes. Enjoy a pleasant dinner in one of the coastal restaurants.

When choosing a yacht charter in Nice, consider your needs and capabilities. Pay attention to the type of event and the number of people who will attend. We are always ready to provide you with expert assistance in choosing the optimal tour. You will receive high-quality service. Our employees organize everything at the highest level.

Nice Boat Rentals: Day-to-Week Adventures

Dive into the heart of the French Riviera with our bespoke service to hire a boat in Nice. Whether you're itching for a swift 4-hour exploration or dreaming of a leisurely week on the waves, we've got just the thing to make your sea voyage fantasies a reality. We're here to tailor your journey to the minute, ensuring an adventure that's as unique as you are.

  • Hourly Boat Rental: Perfect for those seeking a fleeting escape, this option offers you the chance to sail the azure waters and soak in the stunning vistas of the bay. It's an ideal moment to capture vibrant, lasting memories. Add a dash of excitement to your journey and create unforgettable experiences with your friends or family.
  • Day Boat Rental: Dive deeper into the Riviera's beauty with a day-long exploration. Discover secluded beaches, visit quaint local towns, and enjoy a picnic on the water against a backdrop of scenic cityscapes and idyllic islands. Every moment promises a new discovery and a treasure trove of impressions.
  • Weekly Boat Rentals: For the true adventurers, embark on a comprehensive exploration of the French Riviera's jewels. From the elegant allure of Cannes to the vibrant spirit of Saint-Tropez, and the unmatched luxury of Monaco, this journey is a dream come true. It's more than a trip; it's a chance to live out your childhood fantasies.

Our dedicated team is at your service, ready to align your expedition with your personal taste, budget, and objectives. Leveraging routes refined through years of experience, we offer not just a trip, but the opportunity to paint your own maritime story. Join us in creating unrestricted, lasting memories, as you chart your own course across the Riviera's breathtaking landscapes.

Taxi Boat in Nice

Experience the French Riviera uniquely with our water taxi services, promising a productive and unforgettable holiday in a pleasant environment. Our organization, Yacht Charter French Riviera, copes well with its tasks. Choose a taxi boat in Nice for a unique trip:

  • Rent a boat from Nice to Monaco for a swift and scenic 40-minute journey to the heart of Monaco. Bypass traffic jams and save time, immersing yourself in beautiful views and a superior travel experience. Discover the world-renowned Oceanographic Museum and the glamorous Monte Carlo Casino, embarking on a new adventure.
  • With us, you can rent a boat from Nice to St Tropez for any period. The drive to your destination is only 2.5 hours – you will find yourself in an incredible world of luxury and wealth, enjoying unique views. Visit the most famous local beaches. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of glamorous beach parties and make new friends.
  • If you want to go to an iconic place, then boat from Nice to Cannes will help you with this. Just 30 minutes – and you can get to the film festival and simply visit an iconic place. Take a walk through the small, cozy streets. Enjoy the beautiful views with a delicious drink and sample some local food.
  • Choose a boat from Nice to Antibes and embark on an unforgettable boat trip. The atmosphere of an ancient town with an elegant port and museums will not leave anyone indifferent. Explore local marine attractions and visit Marineland Park. This is an excellent option for a family holiday.

Our water taxis offer more than a mere journey; they promise a unique sea adventure that leaves lasting impressions. All our ships are well-equipped to make your trip as comfortable as possible.

The French Riviera has a lot to offer its tourists. Our service will help you learn much more about historical places and their beauty. You will get natural impressions and will always go on new adventures.

Boat Types for Rent in Nice

Nice serves as an ideal gateway for your journey along the French Riviera. This town beckons with its picturesque beaches, pleasant atmosphere, and authentic streets. If you want to get real pleasure from your trip, then choose boats for rent in Nice from our company. We offer water transport for every taste to suit your budget and preferences. Our staff is always ready to consider various service options to ensure quality service for you. We have the following water transport options:

  • Our boat rental without a license offers favorable terms for those new to boating, allowing you to quickly ride along the sea and enjoy beautiful views across the bay. Take bright and unforgettable photos. Add some spice to your overall trip and make it memorable for your companions.
  • Opt for our yacht rental service in Nice for extended and luxurious voyages, suitable for large companies – relax with relatives or friends. Inside the yachts are spacious rooms for comfortable relaxation and accommodation for several days. Embark on a full-fledged cruise along the Cote d'Azur. Explore secluded beaches and charming French towns. Take lots of bright photos.
  • Our catamaran rental service in Nice enjoys high demand for its spacious and stable vessels, ideal for trips with your significant other or friends. Enjoy comfortable sailing in safe conditions. Enjoy beautiful views of Nice. Swim in pleasant, clean water. This is an excellent solution for short water trips to suit your needs.
  • Our extensive luxury yacht rental services in Nice provide the ultimate exclusivity for your travels, ready to offer boats even for the most demanding clients. All of them are equipped to modern standards. The interior features luxurious finishes. A high level of comfort and quality of service are guaranteed. This is suitable for parties and corporate events. Choose luxury yachts for a romantic declaration of love or a wedding. There are many equipment options.
  • Embark on a unique voyage with our sailboat rental services in Nice, suitable for those who value relaxation away from the bustle of the city. You will realize your unique ideas and enjoy beautiful views. This is a good option for outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Select our motorboat rental in Nice for swift and exhilarating journeys, a real find for lovers of driving. Embark on an actual race against the waves. This is an option for active recreation and sports.

Our diverse fleet ensures you'll find the perfect vessel to match your travel ambitions. Contact our specialists if you want to place an order for renting water transport in Nice.

Consider the size of the boat, the necessary amenities, and management experience. We offer a high level of comfort for unforgettable and exciting trips along the French Riviera.

Private Boat Trips in Nice

We invite you to embark on a boat tour along the French Riviera, where you'll discover numerous new and unique experiences. Our staff will help you choose the best water transport and answer any questions. You will receive personalized service organized by real professionals. Yacht Charter French Riviera guarantees complete travel safety for its clients.

We place the safety of our customers as a priority for any private boat excursion. Our employees always carry out regular maintenance and inspection of all vehicles. This allows you to verify their serviceability and avoid possible troubles during water travel. Select from our diverse fleet of yachts, catamarans, and motorboats, tailored to meet your preferences. Book a boat rental in Nice that suits your budget and needs. We will carry out all the calculations and help you choose a boat for a comfortable trip.

Each client is assigned a personal manager, ensuring a seamless and personalized planning experience. You can communicate with him at every stage of cooperation to clarify possible details. Choose a route, make changes and select available service options. We will ensure that you have the most enjoyable time possible without having to worry about organizational issues. Our professional team will make your travel experience unique and stress-free. Full support of events is possible: corporate parties, weddings, birthdays ensuring a celebration of the highest caliber.

We will arrange an incredible boat trip in Nice in the shortest possible time. The staff guarantees attention to all details. All prices are presented on the website, but we adapt them to each client. The rental service is undoubtedly as simple and profitable as possible for everyone. All you have to do is choose your travel option, and we will take care of the rest. Enjoy the most beautiful day of your little vacation. We guarantee an unparalleled journey that promises to be one of the most thrilling experiences of your life.

FAQ About Boats in Nice

How much does it cost to rent a boat in Nice?

The cost of renting a boat in Nice varies based on several factors, including the type and size of the boat, as well as seasonality. Additional services may also influence the final price. Rental rates start at 500 euros per day, with the upper limit reaching 20,000 euros per day. Please contact us for more precise details tailored to your needs.

What are the most popular yachting routes in Nice?

Numerous yachting destinations around Nice captivate travelers. Cruising along the Bay of Angels offers a panoramic view of the city's splendor, while a voyage to Saint-Tropez unveils the Cote d'Azur's breathtaking scenery. Other sought-after routes include journeys from Nice to Monaco and the Lerins Islands, each promising unique experiences to global tourists.

Can I rent a yacht in Nice without a captain?

Absolutely. Beyond our captained services, we offer small boats suitable for personal navigation. These vessels, up to 6 meters in length with engines up to 15 HP, do not require a captain or a license for rental. For those holding a boat license, we can accommodate with a selection of boats that comply with your qualifications.

Is it possible to organize catering or special events on board a yacht in Nice?

Indeed, our services extend to providing catering aboard any vessel and meticulously organizing both business and private events to create memorable experiences.

Is it possible to rent a yacht in Nice for half a day?

Certainly, half-day rentals are available, although options may be more limited depending on the booking date. Typically, our selection for half-day rentals is narrower, as most boats are reserved for full-day bookings.

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